Filament Yarn

Viscose Fiber or VSF
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Filament Fibers

The Filament that comes from the English word Filament.This term is used in various sciences and in each field has its own practical meaning. The Filament word comes from the word Filum, which in Latin means yarn and twine, which is used for string-like structures.

Draw Textured Yarn or DTY has the highest production and consumption among other textured yarns.These yarns are known as the filament yarn, lash, and heats.

This yarn is the result of a sequencing process of a friction disk on a POY yarn that aims to close the apparent properties of the Polyester yarn to the natural fiber.

POY threads see the virtual flame. after crossing the thermal and tensile zones into friction zones. In some of these machines, knot jets are embedded. In this way, threads are knotted or produced. Knitted yarns will generally be used for threaded yarns.

Filamento fibers are produced in both intermingle and simple form.

DTY Thread Properties :

  • Score : 75 to 1500 with intermingle types
  • Gloss : Mid-Matte-Bright and Super-bright
  • Color : A wide variety of colors with stable light, wash and substrate required by the customer

Filament cloths are used to produce curtain fabrics, robes, jeans, men’s shirts, men’s shirts, sledges, car mats,blankets, seat covers, industrial wears and more.

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