Soheil Nasj Tehran Factories

Soheil Nasj factories has been established since 1998 in the Alborz province. The factories were transferred to Kaveh industrial city in Saveh after three years, in 2001, with a total area of 1,000 m2, and has expanded to 25,000 m2.It consists of two sections of spinning and dyeing. The spinning section includes five segments of Chenille Yarn, Fantasy Yarn, Curtain, KDK and ATY, with about 300 experienced staff who work in three shifts of 8 hours.

Soheil Nasj is capable of producing 2,000 tons of Chenille yarn, 1,400 tons of Fancy threads, 1,400 tons of ATY, and 5,000 tons of dyed yarn annually.


Chenille yarns are made of all types of Polyester, Viscose and Acrylic yarns that they are produced in various grades. Chenille threads are used in four parts: Tricot, curtain, upholstery and carpet.

Fancy yarns come in a very large variety.These threads are produced in different shapes with different effects and materials that most of them are used in home textiles (curtains, carpets, rugs) and clothing. ATY  is filamentous yarn that is tapped by filament air jets and is used in home textiles and industrial uses.



Soheil Nasj Dyeing Unit consists of three parts: skein, bobbin and spray dyeing.

Skein dyeing part includes skein machines and color-coated machines which are under pressure and can receives orders in the range of 75-100-150-300 kg. Bobbin dyeing part includes pressurized color-coated machines of bobbin which can receive orders in the range of 40 – 100 – 500 – 1000 kg. Spray dyeing system with modern technology, specializes in fantasy yarns.

In addition to have colored yarns in a variety of shades, the organization also has the ability to achieve custom-market colors.There are possibility of dyeing single or multiple threads too.


This unit is used to color, simulate and achieve to the expected color with a laboratory robot and modern machines.The results and are presented with high precision to the dyeing hall.


Soheil Nasj Goals

  • Efforts to satisfy customers
  • Increasing market share and leading among competitors
  • Efforts to improve the quality of products and services
  • Developing products and scope of activities
  • Motivating and training employees for quality processes continuously
  • Creating satisfaction with managers and staff

Why Soheil Nasj?

Soheil Nasj regards the distinction as “quality, development, diversity and up-to-date.”It has a high quality control over its rivals, and sees innovation as the vital option. With the benefit of the high quality control system and the best raw materials from the top domestic and foreign companies,Soheil Nasj is trying to provide high quality products.

This organization is trying to satisfy customers more and avoid potential errors by using the automation system.