Viscose Fiber or VSF

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Viscose Fiber or VSF

Viscose or (VSF) is produced from natural materials, and contrary to the imagination of many people with natural fibers. These fibers are often produced from cellulose-rich herbs such as rice straw, wheat straw and sugar cane, and are very similar to cotton, but in appearance and texture, they are multifaceted and toothed to cotton.

For the production of viscose fibers, all the natural materials used, including wood, come in the form of dough, and after a series of steps, such as a string maker and coagulation pool, they become fibers. Physical properties of viscose can be noted for their low strength.The strength of these fibers is less than that of cotton and decreases when moisture is present.These fibers have high wrinkling properties due to their low elasticity and are brighter than cotton, and they change color when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Viscose fiber has many uses in desktop production, women’s clothing, sportswear and underwear, due to its inherent strength. Fabrics made of viscose fibers are well resistant to gutting and have low electrical properties.These fabrics are very soft and have a good breathability, which is why they are considered as cool fibers. It has a very good color and is easily painted with dyeing.

 Viscose Fiber can be made in various shapes like wool, linen or silk. fibers can be short,long, fluffy, and can be made of fluffy fibers from linen and wool.

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