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Textiles are divided into two categories :

 Woven textiles : Woven textiles include interlacing a set of longer threads (woof) with a set of cross stitches (warp). This is done by a device called knitting machine which has different types. Some people still carry knitting by hand, but a large amount of work is done by the machine. Weaving and embroidery include knitting a ring of wool that is formed by an embroidery hook in a line.

 Not woven textiles : This kind of textiles are not formed with warp and woof, but they are formed by a mass of fibers that are interconnected and collapsed in a variety of ways.The most striking example is carpets and felt fabrics.

Ingredients :

Textiles can be made from various materials.These materials come from four main sources : Animals (wool and silk), plants (cotton, linen, hemp), minerals (asbestos, glass fiber) and artificial (nylon, polyester and acrylic). In the past, all fabrics were made of natural fibers, such as plants, animals and minerals. In the 20th century, these materials were extracted from oil such as nylon. The strength and durability of the fabrics are different. These fabrics include delicate fabrics.

Diversity of Home Textiles :

Home textiles include : blankets, towels, pillows, bedding (bedspreads, mattresses), etc.

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