ATY Thread in the Textile Industry

Chenille Yarn in the Textile Industry
Viscose Fiber or VSF

ATY Yarn

ATY or the same thread as the Airtex, are DTY threads that are tensile and heat-intensive by compressed air, so that the resulting fibers break down and produce natural-like yarns. ATY threads (textured with compressed air) are designed to simulate the appearance of polyester yarns with cotton, wool and acrylic yarns.

The ATY thread properties are as follows :

  • It has a score range of 200 to 3000 with a variety of effects
  • The sleekness of these types of threads is semi-opaque, bright and very bright.
  • ATY threads have a wide variety of colors, with a variety of glossy and multicolored yarns.

These threads have a special feature that are :

  • sinew yarns
  • High strength
  • Shrinkage up and down
  • Fancy

ATY threads have a lot of uses in a variety of goods. The special characteristics of these yarns, such as under the hands of yarns with natural fibers, have a variety of colors and its mechanical properties that textile producers, especially textile manufacturers, car carpets, travel blankets, sports curtains, fantasy curtains, industrial tents, chair covers, geotextiles, hoses, and more … will use these threads.

The production of specific products using ATY threads increases every day.


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